Financing Overview


Relieve the pressure on your practice with a Patient Financing Plan that works for you!


Practices are dealing with 3 Business Pressures


Healthcare Costs Pressure

Money spent on healthcare in 2015 $3.2 trillion
Percentage of costs borne by households 28%
Average Out-of-pocket (per person) $1024
Typical Individual Deductible $3000-$6000


Patient Affordability Pressure

Number of Americans who skip healthcare 33%
Number of Americans with $0 in savings 30%
Number with less than $1000 in savings 71%


Practice Profitability Pressure

Average physician revenue $1500k
Average debt write-off $53k
Average lost case revenue $450k


Financing Solution

Offering patients Financing Options that work with their budget is critical to collecting


Financing Solutions for Every Patient & Specialty


Plan Options


Multiple Plans from Multiple Vendors


No single patient financing plan fits every practice, specialty, or demographic. That's why we offer a mix of great options. We'll help you find the best plan for your practice based on:

  • Your Business Goals

  • Your Specialty

  • Your Practice Load

  • Your Patient Demographics

  • Your Blend of Elective/Non-Elective Procedures

Key Features


Patient Features

  • 100% paperless process
  • Credit decisions within seconds
  • Prequalify with NO impact to credit score
  • Finance all medical procedures
  • Competitive interest rates
  • On-shore customer service

Practice Features

  • Funds wired directly to the practice
  • Eliminate in-house financing and collections
  • No Setup Fees, No Monthly Fees
  • Integrate financing into practice website
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Offer optional "No interest" promotions

Business Solutions for Every Provider

More Information


Talk to us about your unique practice needs

Our partners offer a variety of off-the-shelf and customized solutions designed to build financial strength in your organization. Let us build a solution that works for you.

  • Practice Lines-of-Credit with favorable terms
  • Financing options for every patient
  • Patient out-of-pocket cost estimating
  • Financing integrated into your account website
  • Financing integrated into monthly patient billing
  • Practice billing performance analysis