The demand for point of service healthcare financing programs has displayed continual growth over the last 5 years and is presently at an all time high. The market for the services offered by Fiscuscare is currently $10 billion dollars per year and growing.

Many patients, even though insured have exceedingly high deductibles and out of pocket charges associated with medical and surgical procedures. Many forms of plastic surgery, surgical weight loss procedures, cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, as well as many forms of vision correction including multifocal lens replacement are all deemed to be “cosmetic” by most insurance carriers and often require the patient to pay cash or use existing credit resources.

Fiscus Healthcare Financing seeks to provide patients with the additional financial resources necessary to pay their medical bills, and at the same time, give medical facilities, and medical professionals, a secure, upfront, method of payment that will increase revenues and reduce unpaid debts by patients.

A team of four seasoned surgical sales distribution professionals with a combined 85 years of medical device experience founded Fiscus Healthcare Financing, LLC.  During their careers, they have successfully represented manufacturers of both hardware and biologics products to nearly every medical specialty.